6 Ways to get out of Monday Meh!

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Oh man! This is one hell of a critical issue, whose sufferers include almost everyone, then be it the student, employee or any other profession. But retired personnel do not come under this because, Monday-Sunday are same for them.

These photos show, some of the real life situation of a person on Monday Morning:

For Employees

Monday Meh 2

For Students

Monday meh 4

For Others

Monday Meh 1

The song “Main nahi jaana, bistar ko chhod ke” totally justifies this situation. The combination of bed, pillow and blanket actually looks seductive on Monday mornings. It just feels like, keep lying on bed with my loving pillow for eternity until my body refuses any more sleep (Which barely happens).

Monday Meh 5.

Still seeing the real life situations. Here are some ways by which you can get rid of Monday meh! :

1. Forget the Meh! Take it easy:

monday meh 3

Yo man! You really need to take it easy. Dude!! you need to get it outta your head. This is one psychological shit in your head.

You know you are the only one making it worse for yourself. When u enjoy, u live in the moment. Do the same here and love your work and live the moment. Be optimist. The blues start when you think “Ohh god, its Monday again”.  You know they say that “Thoughts Becomes Reality” which is the motto of the book the “Secret”. So, first of all, change your thoughts.

 2. Have adequate sleep on Sunday night:

monday meh

The insufficient sleep on Sunday night is the bull’s eye of the problem. Here’s how it goes, like you party all day or most of you have night parties and fun stuff heavily listed on Sunday and somehow it ends up by sleeping late. This hampers the work efficiency.

For instance, a student will play all day and get tired. It is obvious that he will need an extra and sound sleep. And hence, it will definitely be a lazy Monday for him.

So avoid this and try to get maximum sleep. Remember scientists have proved that 7-8 hours of sleep gives the highest efficiency.

 3. Wake a little early on Monday:

monday meh

Just wake up little early. Like 15 minutes early on Monday morning than the usual and see the change yourself. Avoid the rushy and hectic running schedule. Spare some silent time for sitting idle for completely yourself. But for this, all you need to do is, strictly follow the 2nd way.

 4. Create a to do list:

monday meh

Spend some extra time on Friday and complete your day work. Don’t keep it pending. Take a little more time and do some Monday work. This may sound stupid, but u will definitely find it helping on Monday. Tried and Tested.

Prepare arrangement for your clothes and lunch on Sunday evening and create a “to do list” for marking the things already done and to be done.

 5. Keep your schedule light:

It’s a Monday, just like another day. Don’t try to do the whole weeks work on the same day. Try to distribute it all along the weekdays. Try to keep the schedule of Monday light.

 6. Monday the fun day:

monday meh

This is the best way to get out of your Monday blue. Monday should be treated like any other day. Life and fun is beyond the weekends. Minimize the weekend leisure and balance it all along the week.

Keep something exciting for Monday. Like when I was in school, I had a crush on a girl and the feelings were mutual somewhere. So it used to be a long wait for me to go back to school on Monday and talk to her and somehow get things rolling between us. And thus, it kept me motivated and enthusiast for my school. Something similar can be for you at your work in any other way too. You just have to find out.

So just relax. It’s the Monday not a Doom’s day. There are 2 other ways how Monday Meh! can be avoided but it seems nearly impossible in the future.

  1. Change Monday name to Tuesday or any other day.
  2. Make people work 7 days a week. 😀

PS: Don’t take the Crush part seriously 😛



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