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Maintaining healthy hair can give a perfect look or can totally change the look of a person which can eventually make them look younger and confident. Hair loss is nothing but hair falling out from the root. It is also known as baldness or thinning of hair. Hair loss has become a common issue in today’s world.

Losing hair because of ageing or old age is common but nowadays it is especially happening among the youth. It has become a topic of taboo as well as it causes a lot of discomfort for the people.

The symptoms and signs of hair loss are as follows:

  1. Receding of the hairline.
  2. Loosening of hair excessively from the root
  3. Itchy scalp can be a sign for some people
  4. Thinning of hair gradually
  5. Developing small bald patches on the head
  6. Visibility of scalp which is quite noticeable

The common reasons are for hair loss are :

  1. Hereditary- which is basically family history.
  2. Few skin conditions.
  3. Intake of unhealthy food items.
  4. Side effects of particular supplements and medicines.
  5. Health issues like thyroid, diabetes etc.
  6. Undergoing a lot of tension and stress.
  7. Due to the water and pollutions.
  8. After the effect of constant use of hair products like hair gel, shampoo, conditioner etc.
  9. Use of various hair accessories like hair driers, straighteners, curlers etc.

Among men hair loss is commonly due to their genetics and hormones. Women mostly undergo this issue due to reasons such as thyroid, during pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS), vitamin deficiency, menopause etc.

Hair loss concerns oneself quite effectively. It mostly affects people psychologically wherein they might undergo depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, fear of physical social communication etc. All these aspects will affect the person negatively.

Prevention is better than cure. Few ways of preventing hair fall or hair loss are by

  1. Constantly hydrating yourself.
  2. Maintaining a healthy diet.
  3. Enough consumption of required vitamin
  4. Trying to reduce taking stress or meditating.
  5. Massaging the scalp with suitable oil.
  6. Washing your hair regularly and keeping the scalp clean.

Try these amazing products for healthy, strong and shiny hair;

Juene Hair Oil 

Juene Oil is unique hair oil with the Super Vitamin E, Tocotrienol for preventing hair loss due to oxidative stress.

Benefits Of Juene Oil :

  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Prevents & reduces hair loss
  • Offers strong antioxidant defence
  • Makes hair healthy & Shiny
  • Enriched with Tocotrienol (Super Vitamin E)

Juene Forte Capsules 

Juene Forte contains Tocotrienol which is a super Vitamin E. Tocotrienol orally increases antioxidant power of hair follicle and protects it from progressive damage

Key Ingredients & Its Benefits :

  1. Tocotrienol (Super Vitamin E):
    Helps combat free radical-induced stress
    Increases hair thickness
  2. Amino Acids (Methionine, Arginine, Lysine, Acetyl Cysteine):
    Building blocks for strong and shiny hair
  3. Biotin (Vitamin H):
    Strengthens the hair
    Thickens hair cuticle
  4. Calcium Pantothenate:
    Helps to fight hair greying

 Densita Hair Growth Serum 

Densita Hair Growth Serum is an advanced hair growth therapy fortified with Redensyl and enriched with plant stem cell therapy. Densita Serum stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss.


  • Re-activates the hair growth cycle
  • Increases hair follicle length, improves hair root anchoring
  • Proven Clinical results in less than 3 months
  • Enriched with patented PhytoCellTec stem cells
  • Delays the ageing process of hair

You can stop or even reverse hair loss with advancing treatment, especially if it’s due to an underlying medical condition. Hereditary hair loss may be more difficult to treat. However, certain procedures such as hair transplants can help reduce the appearance of baldness.







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