A loving family is the best medicine you can get!

fighting diseases with the help of your family

For all of us, our family is probably the most important thing in life. We live for our spouses, we work hard to save money for our kids and I still know a lot of people who don’t take even very small decisions in life without consulting their parents!

How hard it is when someone close to us, some one part of our family falls ill? How do we deal with the financial and psychological stress of taking care of our loved one, knowing he/she is in pain?  Do we buck up, take charge and make sure we are stable enough to deal with the illness or do we give up easily, become depressed and sit down not knowing what to do?

fighting diseases with the help of your family

Today is International Family Day! A day dedicated to emphasize the need of a family and the love and protection it offers. This day, we’ll talk about how important a family’s support can be in dealing with a disease or illness. There are 2 families and 2 different living conditions I am sharing with you now.

Let us first take the case of Mr. Hardeep Singh. He is 65 and happily married with a wife, 2 kids and one granddaughter. He had taken voluntary retirement from his work and was peacefully enjoying his retired life.  He was diagnosed with a terminal disease during a regular health check up and had hardly a year left to live!

fighting diseases with the help of your family

Getting over the shock itself took a couple of months for Mr. Singh and his family. What did they do next? They took him on a long holiday to places he had always wanted to visit. Nobody mentioned the fact that they were worried about him. His wife cooked all his favourite delicacies and he was relieved he had taken a health insurance that covered all his medical expenses.

He spent his days playing with his granddaughter, travelling to places, meeting up friends and taking his medicines on time. Result? His doctors were surprised to see considerable improvement in his condition at the end of the year. He lives happily with his family till date and though he knows he still needs to fight his illness, he believes he can be strong with his family’s support.

fighting diseases with the help of your family

Case 2: Mr. Ramanathan. A typical middle class south Indian. He is also in his early 60’s and lives with his wife. His sons live faraway, each with their family. Unlike Mr. Singh, he had no health insurance taken. With no support whatsoever from his kids, he ignored the constant pain near his chest and kept postponing visits to the hospital stating financial instability.  A couple of months later, he experienced severe chest pain and was admitted to the hospital and was detected with a massive heart block. He is still looking around to find people who will help him pay the hospital bills. A simple health condition that could have been easily cured by medicines turned into a condition involving surgery, lakhs of money and the stress of paying bills.

fighting diseases with the help of your family

How different are these two situations. With proper planning and a loving family, Mr. Singh managed to fight off a disease that gave him less than a year to live. Sadly, Mr. Ramanathan did not anticipate health issues. Most of us are like him. We ignore the importance of a good health insurance. His family did not stand by him when in trouble. Without the love and security of a family, his condition worsened over time.

Dealing with sickness is a very testing period for both the individual and his/her family. A family can make or break a person. With the right support and love from your close ones, no disease is incurable.

fighting diseases with the help of your family

Let us stand by to be strong and fight off sickness. Support your family through thick and thin. They are your pillars of support. Pray together, laugh together and love together.

This is dedicated to all loving families around the globe. Wishing you a Happy Family Day today and everyday!


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