What Factors Contribute To Hair Loss?

Before you fire off at your parents for your receding hairline, you should consider that problem might lie with you. It has been seen that genetic hair thinning is the biggest cause of hair fall. But your lifestyle and health can fasten that process or worse, cause it. There are many reasons for hair fall, number one is genetic, others such as hormonal changes, male and female pattern baldness, pregnancy are also common. Side effects of medication and using heating products for styling may contribute too.

Hair fall can be embarrassing and receding hairline or bald patches can take a toll on your confidence. Some people opt for wigs or caps. Some others opt for treatments, medications, and home remedies. But prevention is always better than cure. We have included some reasons below that are enemies for your hair. You might want to stay away from them.


Obesity is the root cause of many health problems like changes in your hormones, thyroid, and strain on insulin — the major causes of hair fall. An imbalance in hormones can cause thinning, making them fall. You need to take care of your waistline for a fair amount of hair on your head. Other than your hair, obesity is also bad for your overall health. It can put extra pressure on your heart, give birth to problems like blood pressure and diabetes.

Bad Diet

You must have heard this many times that you are what you eat, and the same goes for your hair. Your hair is what you eat. Inculcating good fats, protein, iron, and vitamins can work like magic for your hair. The cleaner your diet is, the stronger your hair would be. If you are the one whose diet is not nutritious and healthy, then your hair is suffering. It has been seen that restricting junk food from your diet can decrease sebum production and make your hair healthier. People with a diet deficient in iron and protein can see clumps of hair falling when they comb, especially in women. Stay away from fad diets that are not nutritious.

Skin Conditions

Scalp disorders such as dandruff, excess production of sebum are two significant reasons for hair fall in both men and women. When yeast feeds on sebum in your hair, it just consumes saturated fats and leaves unsaturated fats behind, which is the cause for itchiness and flaky dandruff. Over time flaky particles get sticks to your hair follicles and block them, which causes hair fall. To fix your hair, keep your scalp clean and get rid of yeast using antifungal shampoos. Also, keep yourself hydrated, keep drinking water throughout the day as 72% of the body is made up of water. It is an elixir for your body.


Stress acts like poison for your hair. Being under pressure all the time degrades the quality of your hair and eventually causes hair fall. When you are under significant stress, your hair growth cycles get disrupted and make strands fall in clumps. Stress involving hair fall is caused due to attack of white cells, and it happens in patches. You cannot always prevent the tension, but it definitely can be managed.

Excessive Hair Styling

Using heating and styling tools frequently on your hair can break them and cause hair thinning. Excessive use of shampoo, conditioners and other hair products also affects your hair’s health in the wrong way. Also, take care that you do not comb or style them too harshly. Make it a thumb rule for your hair “less is good.”


Steroids might help you build up, but they also strip your hair. Steroids raise your testosterone level, which binds up with your hair follicles and shuns their growth, and causes hair fall. Boosting your testosterone artificially is also a sure way to increase the speed of genetic hair thinning. Exercise is better than artificial ways to muscle up, which will also make your hair healthy.


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