Best Face washes for Men to Control Oily Skin and Pimples

face wash for men

I have been guilty of ignoring the men from the beginning I started writing blogs. Forgive me for that! Here is my first exclusive write up for all you handsome guys out there.  There was a period when there were absolutely no beauty products for men!

If I remember right, guys who badly wanted to look handsome and good looking had to secretly buy and use fair & lovely creams and hide the tubes in places people cannot find. There was something seriously wrong with a guy if he wanted to work on his looks!

face wash for men

Thanks to drastic improvements in the attitudes of people and changes in the way they thought, there are so many products catered specifically for men these days. From moisturizers to face creams and face washes, new products come out every day and we have realized that men have as much need and rights to look healthy and good as the women !

Let me start with the basic product that you guys need for everyday use: face washes.

Thanks to different hormones working on us, men and women have slightly different skin types and textures. Skin in men is around 25% thicker when compared to women and we also have different needs when it comes to beauty products. A woman may expect softer, glowing skin while a man probably wants a good cleanser that doesn’t smell like a girl’s perfume!

face wash for men

Let’s find out what are the best face washes available for men in market at present!

Garnier Men Face washes

Garnier had introduced a range of face wash for oily skin type.

Garnier men oil clear

Garnier men oil clear face wash gives an all day clean look that is oil free and doesn’t dry the skin. It also contains menthol and has a pleasant smell and has a cooling after effect.

If you have an oily skin, then do try this product. You can easily buy Garnier men oil clear face wash online or from any store that sells beauty products.

face wash for men

Garnier men AcnoFight

This product is marketed towards men struggling with acne and pimples. Garnier men acno fight– 6 in 1 pimple clearing face wash promises to fight the below 6 issues at a time.

  • Controls oil
  • Dries pimples
  • Uproots blackheads
  • Tightens pores
  • Reduces redness
  • Lightens marks

face wash for men

Check Out all beauty products by Garnier.

Nivea Men Face Washes

Nivea has also come up with 2 types of face washes in the recent past.

Nivea For Men- Dark Spot Reduction

Advanced whitening and spots reduction face wash for men. It is said to contain whitanat Vita complex plus that contains about 10 nutrients to get rid of unwanted spots and get a brighter skin. Buy Nivea for Men Dark Spot Reduction face wash online.

face wash for men

1. Cleanses deeply for fairer skin
2. Reduces dark spots accumulated from dirt and residues
3. Removes impurities and excess oil
4. Controls oiliness for up to 12 hours
5. Suitable for all skin types

Nivea For Men- Oil Control

Advanced whitening and oil control face wash for men. It is especially made for the Indian skin and gently cleanses oil and mattifies pores without clogging them.

It also lightens discoloration, leaving the skin smooth, even and fair because of the presence of 95% of Vitamin C. You can easily compare these products and buy Nivea Oil Control face wash online.

face wash for men

Check Out the vast collection of beauty products by Nivea.

EverYuth Men Face Wash

Everyuth menz exfoliating facial scrub is gentle for everyday use and is said to contain “collageo boosters” that unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and blackheads, giving you a healthy and smooth skin.

A scrub is a little different from regular face washes in the way that they exfoliate the skin using small grain/ ingredients that gently scrub and work on removing the top dead cells in your face.

face scrub for men

Check Out all skin care products by EverYuth.

It is always good to use good products for the skin irrespective of the gender. If you still use the same ‘soap’ for body wash and for your face then you are at the right place reading the right content! Try getting one of these above said face washes and you will certainly feel the difference it brings.

You can also carry a small tube of face wash to your office and have a refreshing face wash in the evenings. Even a super macho man needs to look and feel clean for any girl to like him! So what are you waiting for?

Will be back with more such products. Stay connected and happy shopping at


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      FAir & lovely fashwash,, and three time used Massage cream and clean ur face or used GULAB GAL and clean COTTON CLOTHES ,and after use for MEGLOW FACE CLEAN.

  1. jashim uddin

    Hey, Dear Admin
    I Have pimples on my chins & they r increasing day by day, though I use fair & handsome “cream & facewash”; both as well, but it’s not working at all.
    I’m pretty serious about my face; so please kindly tell me the best facewash I can use to remove pimples..please! !!!
    oh!! I have a white face..
    I’m from (Assam)India


    can any plzzzzz suggest me that which facewash i can use to remove pimples and 24hrs oil control because i used garnier men acno fight ever bt it is not worked properly……………

  3. Sanshis

    Hi blogger team,
    Do we have similar thing for daily use face creams.
    I would also like to know about some premium creams/moisturizers like we have renocia for shampoo.. renocia really helped me and now i am looking for few skin lighting products that doesn’t have any bad ingredients and works well..

  4. Sanshis

    Hi blogger team,
    Do we have similar thing for daily use face creams?
    I would also like to know about some premium creams/moisturizers like we have renocia for shampoo.. renocia really helped me and now i am looking for few skin lighting products that doesn’t have any bad ingredients and works well like renocia shampoo..

    1. Hey.. I am terribly sorry for the delay in replying to your queries.
      For skin lightening the main ingredient used is Kojic Acid. Here are a few products which have Kojic as the main ingredient. If any of these work well on your skin, you may want to upgrade to lotions like UV Care Lite Day Cream and UV Care Lite Night Cream:

      UV Care Lite Day Cream:
      UV Care Lite Night Cream:

      Do share your feedback on how these creams helped your skin.

  5. gaurav

    hi admin, can u please prefer me the right facewash for my skin….its gets oily very quickly even after wash……my skin is even farer and pimples free bt only the problem is my face gets dirty and oily

  6. raushan

    my skin is oily and daily two pimples come and finish and again next or two days later come back so which facewash i need to use pls rpl and also fast

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