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Eyesight is nothing but a person’s ability to see. It’s a person’s perception visually with the help of the light reflected by the objects around them. It is really important as it helps in having a connection around and sharpens the mind as well. Now the eyesight differs from person to person. Some may have good eyesight and some may have bad eyesight. Good eyesight is when a person has a clear cut vision of every single thing be it far or near. Bad eyesight is when a person finds it difficult to and struggles to see the things around them be it far or near.

There are different types of sights;


  1. Myopia: It’s also called short-sightedness. Here the person is unable to see the objects that are far away. The objects nearby are visible. They tend to strain to focus on far-away things.
  2. Hyperopia: it’s also called long-sightedness. Here the person is unable to see the objects which are nearby. The objects far away are visible. Things might seem to be blurry and so to focus they might tend to strain.
  3. Dry eye: Here the person’s eyes tend to be dry. Not enough tears are produced for the movement of the eyes. It can cause irritation, redness etc. It’s can happen due to medication, ageing etc.
  4. Blindness: it is an unfortunate thing wherein a person is unable to see anything be it far or near. It cannot be cured by contact lenses, glasses etc. But nowadays doctors can treat it.
  5. Colour blindness: It is when a person cannot see the proper colour. They are unable to differentiate certain colours.
  6. Cataract: It’s white spots found in the eyes. It is a cloud-like thing form on the pupil of the eyes. It is mostly caused due to ageing.

One can have eyesight issues either by birth or by external factors. It can be due to hereditary, excessive use of phones, laptops, TV etc, air pollution, ageing etc. A person who has eyesight problems might have their eyes red due to irritation, might have severe headache etc. Such people can try using glasses or contact lenses for better vision.

One can try maintaining good eyesight or making it better by doing the following;

  • Strengthening the eye muscles by doing a few exercises regularly.
  • By eating nutritional food which is good for eyesight.
  • By having 8 hours of sleep.
  • By avoiding continuous use of phones, laptops and giving rest to the eyes.
  • By having regular eye check-ups.
  • By avoiding being around smoke and pollution.


You can and also have to use some products for the protection and the well being of your eyes.

1) Luteza Safety Shield For Eyes 

Use this product if you suffer from –

  • Eye Strain
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Blurred Vision
  • Headaches
  • Disturbed Sleep Cycle

Luteza Safety Shield is used for –

Digital Eye Strain (Eye Strain, Eye Fatigue, Blurred Vision, Headaches, Disturbed Sleep Cycle) due to regular usage of Computer, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops And LED TVs

2) Eye Glow Under Eye Gel

Eye Glow Gel is used for reducing wrinkles & dark circles under eyes

Benefits Of Eye Glow Under Eye Gel :

Reduces periorbital dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet & fine lines

Ideal for post-procedural chemical peeling & laser treatment

Combined with the power of 6 natural ingredients

Eyesight is the biggest gift without which it’s impossible to lead a normal life and one should take good care of it.

Stay Happy – Stay Healthy!

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