Exercising is great, but are you doing it at the right time?


right time to exerciseWhen is the best time to hit the gym? When is the right time to go for your regular walk in the park? Most of us keep ‘Google searching’ this in the internet, talking to our trainers, discussing with peers without even once finding a precise answer!!

The truth is there is no one universal answer for the question. Searching for an answer might even be more complicated than trying to understanding a woman!! Oops.

Let me try to make this a little easier for you. The first step to understanding which time of the day you can exercise effectively is to understand your biological clock and how you spend your day.

Waking up early in the morning and breathing fresh air is amazing. If you can manage to sleep early everyday, 7 hours of sleep is more than enough. Wake up and try going for a walk around your community or in a nearby park.  The sound, smell and feel of early mornings are unique and peaceful. Make sure you spend a little more time for warming up in case you plan to exercise in the mornings. Your core body temperature is a little lesser early mornings and the muscles and joints take time to adapt to the strenuous workout.

right time to exercise

Another advantage of exercising early in the morning is that there will not be any other plan/ work that will interrupt your routine. If you try to squeeze in your exercises in the afternoons or after work, you will be missing a lot of sessions for last minute lunch plans, dinner engagements or work pressure. It is good to wrap it up in the morning and have the whole day at your disposal, for your other works.

If you are a night bird and just cannot wake up before 8 am, there is no use setting your alarm for 5.30 in the morning, snoozing it a couple of times and dragging yourself for a walk or to the gym.

right time to exercise

I, being a night owl myself know what exactly happens when you force yourself out of bed early.

  1. You will start the day dull and sleepy
  2. You will keep thinking of the lost hours of sleep and end up losing the remaining day’s work
  3. End of day, you will feel grumpy and grouchy and irritated at even minute issues
  4. The mere thought of waking up again the next day will keep you awake that whole night!
  5. You will quit exercising in a week’s time and throw away your sports shoes into the garage!

Yes boss, been there, seen it!

You will probably be better off planning to work out sometime later when you can spare an hour. If you go to a health club or a gym, you need to follow a routine and you cannot walk in at different times at different days. Do not plan on exercising right after a heavy lunch or dinner.

right time to exerciseright time to exercise

If you are so busy that you cannot fit in even one whole hour for exercises, try splitting them throughout the day. Take the stairs in your office, walk to the nearby stores to get your groceries, jog for a quick 10 minutes when you find time. These might not be as effective as working out continuously for an hour, but it is certainly better than sitting idle.

If you love sports, then there is no better way of being healthy. Have a partner who equally is interested in sports and fitness and have a quick game of whatever you like! From Shuttle cock to football, volleyball, basketball, every sport will keep you energized and happy.

right time to exercise

You can now compare and buy sports equipment‘Exercising is great, but are you doing it at the right time?, online from clickoncare.com. What are you waiting for?

End of day, it is exercising and not when you do that, is important. Take care!

Janani Balasubramanian is a Senior Blogger at ClickOnCare.com with a passion and flare to write. She loves experimenting on topics ranging from health to beauty tips and general lifestyle and will review newer beauty and healthcare products in the market! Do keep in touch with her new work here!

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