Every skin needs care and, we’ve got you covered!

Calling skincare a “routine” makes the process feel like a task that needs constant attention. Skincare is more of a lifestyle choice for better living. Like taking a shower or washing your clothes – your skin also demands the care and attention for longevity and good health.

Before we dive into how we can get flawless skin with some simple steps, you must first recognize your skin type.

Understanding Skin-Types
We can broadly classify the special-skin types into the following classes. If you feel like you match neither of these types, there is a special note for you towards the end.

Dry Skin
Dry skin is a state where the skin cannot retain moisture for long durations of time. These skin-types find it unusually uncomfortable during the cold-seasons as their skin dries up faster. This skin type is susceptible to mild discomforts like a dull face, tightness of the skin, itchiness, and rashes.

Oily Skin
This skin type is considered one of the hardest to manage. People with oily skin often have a shiny or creamy appearance. When left unattended, this skin type is more receptive to clogging of pores, dead-skin accumulation, backheels, pimples, acne, and much more.

Sensitive Skin
As the name suggests, sensitive skin is highly susceptible to irritation or inflammation, even under slightly complex conditions. People with this skin type are easily tanned or sun-burned. Simple elements like dust or other environmental aggressors can cause the skin to toughen. They are also continually battling redness, itchiness, or skin-rashes from weather and climatic change.

Combination skin
Combination skin type is a common phenomenon that results from both oily and dry skin. The region of your forehead and nose (called the T-zone) often remains oily, while the cheeks, chin, and neck face dry skin. This paradox makes it very hard to handle skincare with a single product.

Care For Your Skin
Since we are all born with different skins, suggesting a single skincare ritual for everyone would be flawed. Here are some simple tips and tricks to better skin for each skin-type.

Skincare for Dry Skin
The single, more vital routine to follow for dry skin is constant moisturization. Users should ideally depend on natural-ingredient creams or antiseptic lotions since they use them in higher quantities.

One can also use both gel-based or cream-based sunscreen. Experts recommend that those with dry skin use a gentle hydrating cleansing face wash to retain the skin’s natural moisture. You can also use rejuvenating night-time cream that keeps your skin hydrated for long hours.

If you continuously face dry skin, try to increase your intake of water and other hydrating agents. Avoid direct sunlight and apply moisturizer daily after a shower.

Skincare for Oily Skin
There are good products in the market that cater to those with oily skin. For a daily ritual, start and end your day with an oil-free face wash that produces a rich foam. Ensure you avoid any products that contain heavy-cream or extra hydration qualities.

Use a gel-based sunscreen lotion that is rich in Vitamin C. You can also enhance your skin’s texture and reduce greasy skin burden with a Vitamin C serum before bed. Be mindful to patch-test this serum before regular use.

Avoid places that have high-dust and population levels. If possible, cover your skin whenever viable in these situations. Consult your doctor or skin-specialist for a toner that regulates the sebaceous glands for long-term changes.

Skincare for Sensitive Skin
Skincare is an essential part of your life if you are someone with sensitive skin. You must be extra cautious when picking beauty and skincare products. Read the labels and find those with a low pH, higher hydration, and made with organic/natural substances.

Start and end each day by cleaning your face and neck from any oil and dirt accumulations. Never go to bed without applying a hydration and rejuvenation cream for a soothing effect.

When stepping out, be sure to apply a gel-based sunscreen of SPF 50 or higher. Do not spend a long duration in the sun if possible. If needed, wipe your face with a gentle wet-wipe and reapply sunscreen after a few hours.

Those with sensitive skin must also be mindful of other products they use daily, like body wash, shampoo, or even dish-washing soap. Even these minor negligence could affect your skin primarily.

Skincare for Combination Skin
If you notice this pattern on your skin, then it’s ideal you stick to general cleansers for your skin. They contain a balance of hydration and oil-control qualities. Some users also use a mattifying moisturizer on the T-zone and a hydration cream on the U-zone.

A toner is an ideal skincare product for you. This substance helps to maintain the pH of the skin and stimulate the function of the sebaceous glands. You can use any gel-based sunscreen when out, you stop out but ensure you wash your face and rejuvenate it when you step back indoors.
Final Thoughts
If you feel your skin does not fit any of these types, you have a balanced or typical skin type. This skin is the opposite of sensitive skin and often holds an adequate balance of oily and dryness. For those blessed beings, skincare is much straightforward.

A good rule of thumb for normal skin is to invest in chemical-free brands to retain the quality of your skin. Use a gel-based sunscreen and products rich in vitamin C to maintain your natural glow.

Skincare does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are looking for perfect skin, then minimal research and investment in the right products must.

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