Essential Haircare Products You Must Own


Having a full head of hair is something that is sure to get you a lot of envious stares. You are justifiably proud of your crowning glory, which does more than protect your scalp from the inclement weather. While visiting the hair salon for obtaining full treatment once in a while is recommended, you also need to stay cautious and refuse harsh chemical treatments too often. Do it yourself as much as possible. Some of the hair care products you need to take care of your mane are –

Hair Brush
You definitely need to brush out your hair regularly, regardless of its length and texture. Simply running a comb through it will not do either. Quality hair brushes are not inexpensive; however, you should not consider buying the cheapest one.
Ask for a hairbrush that has a thick rubber base, with the bristles being a good mix of natural and synthetic forms. This will help you to reduce tangles, and you will be pleased to note that the number of hairs attached to the hairbrush is almost negligible. Use at least two brushes for best results.

Sure, you have to shampoo your hair regularly to get rid of accumulated dirt and oil. However, you should always buy the right shampoo for your hair type. Using a shampoo meant for dry hair on oily hair is a strict no-no. Buy a mild and gentle one, such as baby shampoo, for daily use.

It is best to condition your hair after shampoo. Applying a good quality conditioner can help protect your strands from harsh chemicals and heat. The professional at the salon will explain that the conditioner has moisturising agents that coat your hair and leave them tangle-free. Running a comb through the entire length becomes a breeze thereafter. You may want to spend a bit of extra money on a good hair mask. Use it once a week on dry and frizzy hair to look neat and well-groomed.

Hair & Styling Spray
Retain the neat & tidy look by keeping your hair in place with the help of a hair spray. While you are welcome to spray it on your hair to make it appear more voluminous, you may also set the carefully created curls in place by spraying it on the chic hairdo. Feel free to mist your hair before using the curling iron in order to keep them in perfect condition with minimal damage.

Blow Dryer
Now, this is the most used hair care product that every girl swears on. Buy a powerful dryer for the best results. Remember that a strong gust of hot and dry air can help the wet hair to lose its moisture speedily, while your hair and scalp do not have to risk the damaging effects of heat. Go for a 1500 watt dryer if you have fine, smooth hair, or settle for one with 1875 watts if your hair is thick and voluminous.

The sight of a woman using rollers on her hair is a common occurrence in films of yesteryears. However, the device has not outlived its importance so far. In fact, you can have one handy to add body to your hair. You may also want to give a classic definition to a mass of wavy or curly hair to stand apart from the crowd.

Hair Mask
You may consider investing in a good quality hair mask as well. It is a product specially created to nourish your hair. However, do not use it in a hurry. You need to keep the hydrating mask on your hair for a certain amount of time for best results. Fashioning your hair and styling it with electrical appliances can damage the strands. Remember to use it at least once a week, but you can use it more often if your hair goes limp and appears too dry.

Hot Irons
It is a good idea to have a variety of curling irons in your repertoire if you are intent on changing your look frequently. Use a curling iron to add layers to flat hair, and structure a mass of wavy hair perfectly, or keep your unruly curls in position.

Hair Oil
Include hair oil in your hair care regime and reap its multiple benefits at one go. You may detangle the mass of curls on your head after returning home in the evening. Hair loss is reduced greatly as the oil seals the cuticles, lessening the damage substantially. You can actually feel an increase in hair growth, thanks to the fatty acid content in hair oils.

Hair Perfume
A hot and tiring day at work is sure to make you look dishevelled. Sadly, sweat can also get into your hair, wreaking havoc with its appearance, and making it smell bad. You can make quick amends by investing in a high-quality hair perfume or mist that can be sprayed on your hair to keep it smelling fresh. Using a body spray is a strict no-no. Hair perfumes that have been formulated specifically for the hair contain specific ingredients with a limited amount of alcohol that does not cause any damage to your tresses.

Every hair is different. However, you have the freedom of keeping it clean and healthy the best you can. Styling becomes easier when you possess a few basic hair care products that have stood the test of time successfully.

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