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To sustain in a challenging environment – Collecting, analysing and evaluating data is important to overcome obstacles and support the decision-making aspects of business.

Market research is done for a variety of reasons, it aids us in making informed and viable decisions. From gathering your Target Consumer base data to determining the practicability of a new product launch and the subsequent budgeting and execution of campaigns. These researches are very important pertaining to the development of any marketing strategy, enabling business with nodal knowledge of required marketing pursuits; such as understanding the necessities of your target audience, help’s you decide the means to convey the pitch points.

ClickOnCare administers this as a continuous Inhouse activity with its view as always learning about the business environment, customers in their needs and choices. With the understanding that the environment is constantly evolving and changing makes it utmost important to be in up toes with researching the same and understanding what factors are in play and how could it impact your strategy and plans.

One recent example was during the Initial Stages of COVID Pandemic amid the Nationwide Lockdown, the market saw a sudden up rise in demand for sanitization products. ClickOnCare was quick to understand the sudden demand and presented itself as an essential store while having many new brands from various relevant categories on board to meet the surge and requirements.

Post this when the nation started with its Unlock Phase – the demand in FMCG was phenomenal and the demand continues, this was also favoured via the switch in consumer behaviour towards online shopping.

ClickOnCare has now become one of the largest Essential Products Store with booming categories like Personal care, Intimate care and Nutrition.

Sharing his views Akshat Malik, Founder & CEO of ClickOnCare.com says, “We have always been a Customer-Driven Organization and data crunching for us is even more imperative, to offer services as per the needs of the Prospective Consumer. Working alongside Brands helps us delve deeper into building a solution with Effectiveness. Research is always based upon Hypothesis and COC intends to be as close to the Hypothesis as possible.”

ClickOnCare is a Trademarked Health and Wellness Brand Servicing Domestic and International Markets. Trusted by Millions of Customers, Thousands of Doctors and Hundreds of Celebrities, it is the Single Largest Online Skin, Hair, Nutrition & Essential Store in India with delivery across the World.

For more information visit www.clickoncare.com


Article Link : https://www.deccanherald.com/brandspot/pr-spot/emphasizing-on-market-research-for-growth-and-advancements-clickoncare-884396.html

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