The dream of a sleeky straight mane!

straight mane

I have had lots of dreams…
of bottled straightening creams
that work on my tangled hair
and relieves me from my worst night mare
Oh how I dream of showing off
a mane that is so silky and soft!

Silky soft hair has been my dream for years. I have dreamt of not waking up in the morning and struggling with a hair brush, brushing and breaking tangles that happened god knows how!

Do not get me wrong. I love the way I look. I love my hair too. It is a mix of waves and curls most times! What I hate is how messy and tangled and fizzy and totally unmanageable it becomes the minute I step out of home.

unmanageable hair

While I suffer with different kinds and shapes of hair brushes, I go green with envy when I see girls combing their hair with fingers and end up looking like they just walked out of a salon!

This is the reason I am always on look out for products in the market that help manage hair and leave it looking straight and glossy.

There is always our good old straightener that we run to most times. They are a perfect temporary solution and the effect stays on for a couple of days or until your next hair wash. There are several brands of straighteners available and you can check and buy them online from various e-commerce sites. These sites also offer various discounts on products.

straight hair

Do take care to read the instruction in the product manual carefully before usage and also be aware that too much heat on your hair is harmful.

Hair Straightener creams

There are two kinds of creams that are available.

1.Creams that work temporarily

These creams are to be massaged into damp hair before blow drying. It works on the heat from the blow dry and helps smooth out waves and curls, leaving the hair smooth and straight.

straight hair

Streax Pro Hair Straightener gives you straighter, smoother and silkier hair. It’s innovative formulation has organic silicone solvents with special strengthening, protecting and water resistant features which conditions and compacts the hair bonds. If you want to try it, you can easily buy them online from sites like that specialize in selling health/beauty related products

2. Permanent straightener creams

These are used professionally to create permanently straight hair. They are to be applied to the entire length of hair, leaving out roots and the initial effect stays for several months. They are mostly used by professional hair stylists in salons but you can also try them at home. The procedure is quite simple.

Products like Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straightener Cream and Berina straight are few popular brands available. You can get them from health stores or buy them online. Do keep in mind that once you permanently straighten your hair, you need to use other special products that help maintain the look for a longer duration.

straight hairglatt_thumb

So what is the thought for today? There is no one easy method to have that super cool glossy straight hair. You need to spend considerable time in choosing the right method for it to work. But I tell you, if you use the right product, you will see the difference it brings!

If you are a person who loves glossy straight hair that is tangle free and manageable and do not mind spending time and money getting that look, then go for it! You will love the difference.

straight hair


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