Don’t Blame Your Damn Periods

You can’t blame everything for your damn periods

Well, PMS myth contributes in stereotyping women as overemotional beings. The question here is …is PMS real..? Does it happens to every women out there…? There are so many questions yet to be answered.

Most of the women consider menstrual cycle as a hormonal roller coaster that turns them into angry beasts; it becomes real easy to question the potential competence of all women. Rationality, steadiness, competence, being strong sounds more like a man than a woman, and this contributes to PMS myth

Nearly 75% of the mensuration women say PMS is real, based on the symptoms like cramping, bloating, irritability, fatigue, and depression every month.

PMS is always a topic for debate, meanwhile there is new approach on PMS that is “cultural syndrome”. Women reporting their experiences of PMS have “cross-cultural differences”. For instance, Chinese women relate PMS symptom as cold and American women don’t. While American women report negative emotional symptoms and Chinese women usually don’t.

As a matter of fact women do undergo some hormonal change but that cannot be considered as PMS. While talking to one of my friend who consistently says PMS is real and how she feels about it almost every month – it is a feel of physical discomfort which can be abdominal pain, cramping, backaches, headaches, bloating, weight gain, breast tenderness, and sleeping and digestive interruptions. Sometimes it can lead to psychological distress such as sadness, anxiety, irritability, lowered self-esteem, and an all-encompassing feeling of exhaustion.

Definitely symptoms aren’t same for every woman; almost many of you experience some combination of them. So the question is, Are these symptoms real..? What causes them..?  How to treat them…? Do PMS have any cure….? Well I would like to make a solid comment that “PMS is not a disease” it is just a hormonal change.

Well this topic is not conclusive as it deals with the psychology and biological change that happens in the body.

Over the course of my life, writing has changed the way I live. I believe that blogging allows me to be self-reliant. The reach for words becomes boundless. Depth and passion for freedom is expressed when words on paper can speak a lot more than what we actually intend to speak.

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