Determination helps quit smoking!

Smoking kills

What do we call the act of taking one’s own life? Suicide. Then Smoking certainly falls in that category. It is surprising and shocking to see people of all gender, age, race, education, lifestyle voluntarily reducing their lifespan by using tobacco.

Smoking seems to date back to around 5000 BC and it is the act of inhaling burnt tobacco. Tobacco leaves are dried, shredded and rolled into a thin cylindrical shape along with other chemicals and additives. Based on what it is called (Bidi, cigarette, cigar, pipes, hookas etc.), the way of rolling and addition of chemicals vary.

Did you know the ingredients commonly added into a cigarette roll?

•             Acetone – found in nail polish remover

•             Acetic Acid – an ingredient in hair dye

•             Ammonia – a common household cleaner

•             Arsenic – used in rat poison

•             Benzene – found in rubber cement

•             Butane – used in lighter fluid

•             Cadmium – active component in battery acid

•             Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes

•             Formaldehyde – embalming fluid

•             Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid

•             Lead – used in batteries

•             Naphthalene – an ingredient in moth balls

•             Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel

•             Nicotine – used as insecticide

•             Tar – material for paving roads

•             Toluene – used to manufacture paint

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Will you consume any of the above ingredients in its actual form? Cigarettes are a lethal mixture of all these and more unknown compositions. Researchers say that male and female smokers lose an average of 13.2 and 14.5 years of life, respectively.

What makes smoking addictive?

Smoking is a very common form of using recreational drugs. Nicotine, a psychoactive chemical is an extremely addictive component found in cigarettes. Once inhaled, the body receives sensations of pleasure in less than a second. The brain is triggered to release these stimulations as soon as the smoke goes inside. This is called the typical buzz/high feeling people experience when smoking.

Smoking is both physically and psychologically addictive. It becomes a routine and is very difficult to stay away from it once it is made a habit. There is no two ways about this. Smoking is a killer and unless you quit completely, it kills both yourself and people around you who smoke the fumes exhaled. Think of it. You are harming innocent adults and kids around you because of one unwanted habit!

How to stay away from smoking?

you can stop smoking

  1. Set a goal – Set time limits on how soon you are going to stop/reduce the cigarettes you consume.
  2. Involve people who care about you –tell your family, close peers, friends about your decision and they will help you when during the withdrawal phase
  3. Move away from your smoking partners – If you have a group of friends who walk down to smoke after a meal, stop being with them during this period. Inform them of your decision and stay away
  4. Throw away anything that reminds you of smoking – hide your ash tray, remove cigarette packs from your car/workplace/home etc. It is more difficult to quit when something keeps reminding you of it
  5. Withdrawal symptoms maybe harsh at first – be prepared. Take help from professionals if you are unable to cope up with the symptoms. They can range from insomnia, headaches, irritation, fatigue, tiredness to constipation or disturbed stomach, anger, violent nature and suicidal thoughts

Electronic cigarettes, chewing gums, tablets and patches are few effective ways of quitting Cigarettes. Nicotex is the number one product that has helped thousands of people manage the withdrawal symptoms of quitting nicotine. They come in the form of chewing gums and are available in different refreshing flavours like fresh mint and pan. These chewing gums come in 2 mg and 4 mg gums and help control the craving and dependency of nicotine.


Electronic cigarette is another product that helps stay clean of tobacco. It is a battery-powered device which simulates tobacco smoking and releases a flavored substance minus the nicotine. It comes in 9 different flavors including Malabar, gold, regular, tobacco, cherry, apple, blue berry and menthol. It is realistic, giving out vapors with each each puff and can be charged via a USB port and a power adapter!

cigarette substitute

Using these products regularly helps ease out the withdrawal symptoms and live peacefully without the need to go and have a smoke!

If you are a regular smoker and are striving to get rid of the habit, consult your physician and start taking steps towards it! You can slowly reduce the quantity of gums you take and lead a nicotine free life soon. Take care.


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