COVID-19 Recovery

Hi! Thank your stars that you have managed to wake up today. Been able to get out of bed with minimal effort. Been able to take a deep breath and not have your body creak as you try to just take a shower.
These are just few of the things that those who have survived their bout with COVID-19 are feeling.
Chances are that the moment you felt that you had recovered, you felt it to be an epiphany. You just wanted to walk around the house with joy and go enjoy the outside world. Hold that thought and hold on to it tightly. Your body is in no state to do any of that.
The reality is that the damage has been done. Your body and mind are in recuperation mode. Your energy levels are improving but at snail’s pace.
Stick to regular breathing exercises. Your lungs are the powerhouse of the entire system. Unless they are absolutely and fit, your energy levels will take even longer to improve.
Experts suggest that a person who has recently recovered from COVID must not stress themselves for the following two to three months. The reason being that the damaged tissues from the body still need to be flushed out of the system and that cannot happen merely with medication.
Make sure you have a fresh fruit every single day. Your hydration should be optimal. Part of rejuvenating tissues is building up new tissue. In order to do that in the most efficient manner, the body needs plenty of water and consequently plenty of electrolytes.
A brilliant new method to improve wellness has been discovered through the antioxidant, Glutathione. It has the ability to take care of all free radicals in the system and hence prevent further damage.
If you prefer to get your electrolytes through natural sources, then make sure there is enough salt in the drinks you consume. If you prefer to just have an ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), then make sure you are drinking enough for the day.
Your body needs a large supply of vitamin C as well. Most doctors suggest an average of 1000mg of vitamin C per day. You will need to make sure that the source of the vitamins is credible and high quality.
It is perfectly normal to want to return to normal. Remember the 6-minute tests that your doctor made you do? Measure your vital signs, take a walk around the house or your room for 6 minutes and then check your vitals again. Well, imagine now, that you don’t have to do a 6-minute test. Rather, just walk about the same circuit for 10 minutes at a time. Any exertion may prove to be dangerous.
Stretch well. Arms, legs and back. The whole body should be nimble. This will ensure flexibility but at the same time be a very subtle form of exercise.
If you were to wake up one morning and be happily hopping about with all the energy of a teenager, that would be a miracle. Ease into it.
You will conquer many mountains in life, but the important thing is to be able to go into battle again and again.

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