Co-founder speaks for Chaanakya – The Financial Newsletter of Christ University


Akshat Malik – the Co-founder speaks of ClickOnCare

The Co-founder of, Mr. Akshat Malik was recently interviewed by the team of Chaanakya, the Financial Newsletter of Christ University, Bangalore.

Akshat Malik - the Co-founder speaks of
Co-founder speaks about
Akshat Malik - the Co-founder speaks of
Co-founder, Akshat Malik, speaks about

The extract of the Interview could be found below:

Name: Akshat Malik
Company name, Designation held: , Enterpreneur

Put some light on your Company, the job profile and the role you play in your organization?

I work for my own organization called I am the Co-founder of the 4 months old Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness e-commerce website. Prior to ClickOnCare, I worked with ING Vysya Bank Ltd. for 11 Months as a Sales Manager heading a team of 9 Executives, driving Sales and infusing fresh Investments within the existing relations.

What encouraged you to choose this industry and join the particular company?

E-commerce is the way people shop in the future and with Healthcare sector still unexplored, what would I be waiting for? Above encouragement is ‘what interests you’.

How is your experience in the company as well as industry so far?

With a short stint at ING, I understood 1 thing: You can either sit back and enjoy the journey or gear up and let the journey give you enjoyment. Industry is a sophisticated representation of hard work & slogging; so push yourself like there are no limits.

How is professional world different from the life in MBA?

I really appreciate the Christ’s way of learning. The professional atmosphere within CUIM lets you easily slip in to the Corporate Sector.

Are there any additional courses / certifications that you recommend in this field?

Decide what you want for your career and accordingly take up courses. Do not take up any certification just because your Job Prospects with a particular company may go higher, but for sheer knowledge. Certify your interests before anything else.

Who is your role model and how he/ she inspires you?

Role Models limit your achievements, I do not have them. My parents are my Inspiration.

What are you doing to ensure that you continue to grow and develop in industry?

I try and keep up with my interests.

What are the characteristics you believe one should possess to join this company?

Continuous, evolving Innovation along with self-driven morale is a mandate.

What are the opportunities for us (juniors) in your company?

If you can eat, sleep, breathe, love, hate and wear “Passionate Hardwork”, ClickOnCare is for you.

Will you be willing to come and share more about the industry and the company and your experience with us in an alumni interface?


What are your short-term, mid-term and long-term plans, respectively, for future?

At ClickOnCare, we let you experience our plans. Watch out for us.

A message for Christites?

Dear Christites, with Placements, choose your field wisely, as this will pave your career paths. Compromise should never be an option. Learn from the present, for the future is in your hands.

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