ClickOnCare’s Endurance During COVID Pandemic – Internships and Job Opportunities


ClickOnCare’s Endurance During COVID Pandemic – Internships and Job Opportunities

The pandemic caught us all with its uncertainty and confusion bringing one of the greatest speed breaker humanity has ever faced affecting all our lives somehow or the other.

According to the reports – following the COVID-19-induced economic disruptions, up to 135 million jobs could be lost, all of which will have a hit on consumer income, spending and savings. This has lead to a buzz of layoffs and pay cuts with the conjecture around Economy and Jobs rises.

The pandemic has affected a large number of businesses but still, there were sectors which on the contrary were able to handle the crisis; Companies like ClickOnCare which belong to healthcare, eCommerce and online delivery services continue to thrive with their quick action plans and adaptability to these uncertain times.
ClickOnCare was just not only able to boost its sales and attain revenue growths in par with the Pandemic standards but was also standing firmly by its employees by ensuring there were no pay cuts, with its management capability it was able to bare and retain all of its employees amid the tough times, supporting them. It was also able to provide new Job and Internship opportunities and started its ‘Learn from Home Internship Program’ in March for Marketing, Branding, Product Catalogue and Content Management Profiles and in terms of Hiring, strengthened its Customer Support and Warehousing team.

Elaborating on this Akshat Malik, Founder & CEO of states, “ClickOnCare is standing on only one solid pillar – The Pillar of Care. Even how clichéd it may sound this is what drives us and enables us to make content decisions.”

He further explains, “Our Government Is trying its best with initiatives to push Make in India even more strongly, building global opportunities, accelerating Digital India and strengthen global investment corridors to overcome the ongoing pandemic and we were already doing our part in terms of Essential Products Delivery, Pan India from the start, being in a position to provide new Internship and Job Opportunities just seemed right.”

About ClickOnCare

ClickOnCare is a Trademarked Health and Wellness Brand Servicing Domestic and International Markets. Trusted by Millions of Customers, Thousands of Doctors and Hundreds of Celebrities, it is the Single Largest Online Skin, Hair, Nutrition & Essential Store in India with delivery across the World.
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