ClickOnCare Indulges in a Workplace Model that Promotes Mental Health and Support – World Mental Health Day!

Mental health is an important aspect something we all possess. When we experience good mental health, our sight for purpose and direction gets boosted including our will to get going, do things, deal with hurdles and failures.

For most of us, work is a significant part of our lives and having a fulfilling job can prove to be good for mental health and standard wellbeing. Globally, an estimated 264 million people suffer from depression or some of the other Mental Issues and with this Workplace Mental Issues is becoming more and more significant with its number’s day by day.

We all face and go through tough times when life gets hard – sometimes its work-related, like deadlines or travel. Sometimes it’s our personal life like health and relationships. ClickOnCare understands that good mental health at work and good management go hand in hand and with strong evidence, it is a proven fact that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive and tend to provide a more satisfying lifestyle.

For ClickOnCare addressing mental health at work for those with existing issues, for those at risk, and for the workforce as a whole is an important SOP and it has created such an environment that allows its employees to Express and Share without any vulnerability. In recent times of the Pandemic, ClickOnCare was successfully able to create a safe space for its employees with the love and efforts the whole clan shares enormously.

ClickOnCare also understands and ensures the importance of physical activities for our body as it also has the ability in boosting mood, improving sleep, and help deal with mental issues like depression, anxiety, stress and more.

Even if someone is not suffering from a mental health issue, regular physical activity can still offer a pleasant boost to the mood, outlook, and overall mental well-being.

Explaining further on this Akshat Malik, Founder & CEO of says, ” We have incorporated a standing desk facility for interested employees. This ensures there is enough movement, and one is not staring at their screens the whole day. I truly believe that a toxic work environment can be destructive to our mental health. At COC by promoting mental health, we have created a workplace where everyone can thrive and with this, we are not just limited to Super Casual Friday’s, make wellness a priority and duly work on awareness, stigmas and discussions.

It will be a while before we start treating mental illness like the way we treat physical illness. But until then, we can do our part as business leaders to take the necessary action by promoting mental strength and psychological wellness at the workplace.”

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