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Clickoncare discrete packaging

Our discrete packaging option for products has gained popularity and a good mileage amongst our PAN India customers. Not only does discrete packaging help in branding a certain commodity but also at times helps keep anonymity of contents being transported.

Discrete packaging as an option is something which is still underutilized amongst various e-commerce players within the Industry. We are one of the first few players who have decided to incorporate the idea of discrete packaging for products purchased on our website.

Why we choose Discrete Packaging

It was observed that a lot of times customers are usually shy to make purchase of certain products over the counter, especially products which they might feel embarrassed about purchasing in the open. Online retail has given them the option to purchase such commodities without shying away.

The packaging of such products is as it is discrete and customers have an option if they want to have the receipt posted on the package to categorically mention what the consignment carries or not.

The concept of discrete packaging has been a hit when customers who come online to purchase sexual care and intimate care products. It is believed that there is still time for the public in general to feel comfortable about purchasing certain products out in the open, these range from sexual care products such as condoms to products from intimate care products line.

The hero brand from our intimate care product line, Clean and Dry products has always been dispatched from the healthcare store keeping in mind the discrete packaging. This has made women to chose a platform like to purchase such products as against going to a regular chemist shop.

Discrete packaging has also made the purchase of condoms easy for consumers from the healthcare stores website. A major pool of customers come from the college crowd residing in hostels, in such situations discrete packaging gives a sense of security in the minds of the consumers, who would not ideally want to disclose that they are purchasing condoms.

Discrete packaging has evolved as a unique selling proposition for us which has helped in winning consumer confidence. Packaging plays a very important role in branding a commodity and with times new innovations are coming up where other uses are also being figured out, discrete packaging being one of them.

Source: ClickOnCare Discrete Packaging Press Release

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