Changing Sleep Patterns

When is the last time you walked around in public, in open spaces and closed spaces without a mask? Do you remember that day with distinct clarity? There was no aspect of anxiety related to someone wearing protective gear while speaking to us or not. Weather they were vaccinated. If the cough was dry. Did that person sneeze too often. Are their hands clean?

All these questions and many more swirled in our heads. Our institutionalized self was programmed to wake up by 06:30 hrs. Catch the bus at 07:15 hrs. Punching in by 08:30. Punching out by 20:00 and home by 21:15 hrs. Snug in bed by 23:00 hrs. Systemized. A routine that was normal to us over 5, 10, 15+ years of our lives. Suddenly, we had to turn it on its head. There was no waking hour. There was no sleeping hour. You were always near your system and always on call.

The methods to cope with a lack of sleep or to course correct on sleep patterns may be many but today we are looking at a few solutions that could make your sleep and ultimately life, easier.

Tea. Just simple tea. Upon further digging you will find that the Teacurry Relaxing Sleepy Time Tea has a careful curation of tea leaves in their most effective form. Since there are no chemicals in it and it is naturally sources, there are no known side-effects. Just a very effective one, that is stimulation of sleep.
SleepRite Shotz Litchi Flavor as the name suggests is a very convenient set of 60 doses. The number of doses is also carefully judged as it would need that amount of time to ease out one’s sleep cycle and make that routine more permanent. Anything that promises you instant sleep and a long-term correction would just a trick.

Another vital aspect that we forget about in terms of sleep is that sleep or lack thereof should not turn into the source of anxiety and fatigue. This would turn into a vicious cycle that cannot be tackled easily. Good sleep should be the source of peace and increase functionality for an individual where desired. Improper sleep also results in incorrect decision-making.

The Biogetica Holoram Dormisol is an excellent solution to your sleep woes. It has a perfectly natural formulation and hence does not need any complex prescriptions or consultations. The philosophy of this product and the brand is to tackle the bodies’ bioregulator and hence be able to improve the sleep cycle in a systematic but natural manner.

Onelife Sleep Tight is a rather unique solution for people suffering from Jetlag or need a more intense solution to fix their sleep. Jetlag as you may know could affect a person for about 2 to 3 days maximum. The body tries to adjust to a new sleep cycle/time zone in its own way. Onelife’s solution is to add Melatonin to the body. It is naturally secreted as well but this solution gives it a helping hand.

Do let us know your queries on sleep and how we may be able to help you with a solution. Sleep easy.

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