Condoms: Buy or Shy??

buy condom online with privacy

Buying Condoms with Privacy

Condoms, the word itself incites curiosity, shyness, suspicion.

Since 1990’s, efforts have been made by various government agencies as well as the NGO’s via Print and Television Media to popularize and do away with the shyness associated with the word CONDOM. Remember the advertisements which even had a parrot say CONDOM (sounded more like Cundoom).

A Study reveals that the Indian buyers since the 80’s & 90’s have become more careful and indulge in buying sexual care products more freely. However, 70% of Indian’s still feel embarrassed to buy such products.

A closer study done ourselves at our various Outlets in Bangalore revealed:

1) 40% of the Condom buyers start their purchase by asking random questions as “bhaiya headache ke liye kuch hai kya?” (Do you have anything for headaches?)

2) 20% of the Condom buyers actually want to buy a Cough Syrup; BUT, when they take their change back into their pockets, they realize that they forgot to buy a pack of Condoms!

3) This one’s really Interesting: 20% of the Condom buyers usually wait in the store looking at every possible item stocked at the counters (usually oblivious of the very utility of most of them) until the store is completely empty. Then comes the question: “bhaiya woh ek packet condom do jaldi sey, baki ka saara saman mein kaal aake lete hoon.” (Give me a pack of condoms ASAP! I’ll come back for the rest of the stuff, may be tomorrow!)

4) The remaining blessed 20% of the lot buy the pack of Condoms directly, but again, at the discretion of the Storekeeper. Even with the availability of over 100+ types of Condoms offered by 50+ Manufacturers in India, these “Confident” buyers are unaware of the various varieties they could indulge into. understood this at a very early stage and decided to offer the 80% of our Shy Indians not just Sexual Care products like ‘Condoms’ but full ‘Discretion’ as well.

All Sexual, Women & Intimate Care Products at are packed discreetly with no mention of the Products until fully unpacked by the buyer.

With a wide variety of Condoms from popular brands and an open platform to choose your product freely, ensures complete privacy of the customer right from the time he/she log-in onto the website.

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