Busting the Myths and Misconception about Skincare #RealBeauty

The human skin is the biggest organ of the body, and it is very important to take good care of it. There are a lot skin care routines, facts and regimes. If one does not take care for his/her skin or avoid skincare in general, the problem can get serious. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding skin care with easily believable facts and routines, and sometimes they can waste your time and can make things even worse, because you start to follow the wrong skin care routines.

Here are few Skin care Myths and misconceptions:

  • Using hot water to wash your face helps in opening all the pores which help in cleansing the skin in an effective way: You need not hurt and punish your skin using piping hot water. It will lead to redness of the skin which is caused by the heat. It,s better to take a steam or use a towel dipped in hot water to open up the pores.
  • People with oily skin do not really need to apply moisturizers: This is a wrong notion people have in common regarding oily skin. All skin types are it dry, dehydrated, oily or acne-prone should use a moisturizer.
  • The harder you scrub your skin, the better will be the result: You need to be gentle with your skin. People tend to scrub it more and more for faster and instant results but ultimately, it’s just going to damage the skin. You need to be gentle and patient with your skin.
  • Being unhygienic or not washing your face regularly leads to the occurrence of acne: Acne occurs due to bacteria, swelling, pollution etc. Yes, it is necessary to wash your face regularly not to avoid acne but to be clean.
  • Natural products are much better than other sealed or branded skin related products: It isn’t necessary that all these natural substances like turmeric, honey, lime, curds etc. which is commonly used for the skin suits all skin types. The suitability might differ from one skin to another. Some may be allergic to all those substances.
  • Using makeup regularly might make your skin look older before actually ageing: Use of makeup can damage the skin. Using lipsticks regularly can make the lips darker in the shade even after it is removed. But all this can be avoided if the makeup is removed regularly and is kept clean and moisturized.
  • It is better is there is more skin protection factor: It is good if there is more SPF and might protect from the sunlight. At the same time, it might contain more chemicals which can be harmful to the skin.
  • Skincare products containing preservatives are bad: The preservatives act like a shield. The dust and pollution all around cause a lot of skin damage. So these preservatives tend to protect the growth of unwanted fungi, bacteria etc.
  • Greasy food, fried food, cocoa leads to the occurrence of acne: All these items have nothing to do with acne. Hormonal changes increase in bacteria etc. causes acne.
  • Damage to the skin because of sunlight causes before 18 years of age: This cannot be true at all. In this modern world, all tend to move around under the sunlight on a day to day basis. Sunlight damages the skin of people of all ages.
  • Skin products which contain alcohol are bad: Alcohol in skin products might not be as bad as consumption of alcohol regularly. Intake of alcohol might affect the skin.
  • Skincare routine is only effective during the night: It is not true. No proper sleep pattern might result in increasing dark circles, puffiness of the eyes and face, weakness etc. Skincare regimen in an ongoing process.
  • Puffiness of the eyes and dark circles can be reduced by placing cucumber on the eyes: Use of cucumber can dehydrate the skin, might give a cool, relaxed and a soothing feeling but doesn’t repair the dark circles and the puffiness of the eyes.
  • Using sunscreen can protect you from tanning: Use of sunscreen might protect you from the effective UV rays and sunburn. But doesn’t protect the skin from getting tanned.

Don’t fall into misconceptions. Check your facts, do not follow the wrong skin care routine, because it can make things worse. Follow the right skincare routine, keep your skin healthy.

Keep your skincare on point, but the right one.


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