Blood Pressure Myth Buster: What u think, is not so True!

blood pressure myths

Myths are the facts we believe to be true but they aren’t in real. Now here is how it goes when a myth is created in our head.

  1. We hear something from the society.Our mind thinks over it.
  2. We believe what our mind processes based on the available evidence.
  3. We tell others and the word spreads.

Similar are the Myths related to Blood Pressure. There are many but Blood pressure is the most common disease these days all over the world.

Common Myths about Blood Pressure

Myth 1: High Blood pressure cannot be prevented. ( Ek na Ek din to hona hi hai).


Reality: High Blood pressure can be prevented if you lead a proper lifestyle. Even if you are among the people with higher risk to Blood pressure, then also you can easily prevent yourself.

The  secret behind it is the healthy living of people. Healthy lifestyle can be followed by these parameters.

  • Eat well, Eat healthy.
  • Maintain your weight.
  • Manage your salt consumption.
  • Don’t smoke and reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Last but not the least, be Happy.

Myth 2: Misconception about doctor’s treatment.

blood pressure measure|

Reality: People believe that what the doctor is prescribing, in form of drugs and medicines are enough. All we have to do is to continue the course of medicine provided and it will continue.

The reality is that although even if the doctor has recommended medicines then also the patient has to change his lifestyle a little bit and follow the above mentioned steps.

Myth 3: I know when my blood pressure goes up. I get a headache when my blood pressure go up.

Unhappy Depressed Woman

Reality: Total Bullshit, because one cannot know their pressure has gone up or down simply by having a headache. It is true that if you experience any pain, it may cause the heart rate to increase.

Headaches do not tell whether your blood pressure has increased. Even if it was the case than a person will keep on holding his head every time he will work out or climb.

Myth 4: Once I have a blood pressure than I’ve to take pills for lifetime.

blood pressure pills|

Reality: If your Blood Pressure is only mildly elevated than there is a very good chance that u can stop pills. Conditionally, you have to follow the above mentioned steps and change your lifestyle. Remember don’t be a Hero and stop taking pills if u feel good. Firstly consult your doctor for proper recommendations.

Myth 5: Poor diet and less activity are the cause of the Blood Pressure.

poor diet|

Reality: Poor diet and less activity are the main causes for Blood pressure. Your  lifestyle definitely affects Blood Pressure. However there are other factors too, which can give this disease:

Such as Age, Background(Family history) and Ethnicity. These can also be one of the cause for the disease.

Myth 6: When Blood Pressure results come only Bottom value is important than the top one.

blood pressure monitor

Reality: Blood pressure is typically recorded as two numbers–the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure. For many years the focus was on diastolic blood pressure but the recent surveys suggest that both the diastolic and systolic count must be maintained to avoid the strokes and the heart attacks.

Myth 7: High Blood Pressure is my Family Problem. Sooner or later I ll get it too.

blood pressure family problem

Reality: In many cases it has been seen that people avoid blood pressure even if their family had long background. How? Simple, by following the healthy lifestyle.

You must be very precocious and consult your doctor for the proper plan. Remember once you already know that your family has the problem and u are likely to get it, it gives you edge to be precocious, prepare and change yourself.

Myth 8: I get the Blood Pressure checked every time I go to doctor. Than why do I need regular checkup?

blood pressure measure

Reality: Blood Pressure fluctuates from time to time. It is important to regularly monitor it and take the steps accordingly. The doctor can check whether the treatment is working or need changes and one who don’t have disease can take proper precautions. You must have a home Blood Pressure Monitoring Device. It helps you to reduce the number of visits to the doctor but still scheduled visits should be maintained.

Myth 9: I am maintaining my Blood pressure from long time. I can stop taking medication.

stop blood pressure|

Reality: Don’t be over smart, You are not a Doctor. Let the professional do his work. He is a trained guy with proper knowledge. Consult with him first and then take your step.

Myth 10: High Blood Pressure is a Old age Disease.

blood pressure myths|

Reality: Studies have shown that it is not a old age disease. People as young as 18 are getting the problem of high blood pressure.

Although the older body is more likely to get it. Still the lifestyle these days is giving a real hard time to young people too.

Myth 11: Women are less likely to get Blood Pressure than Men.

Blood Pressure Myths|

Reality: Although women are the main cause of high blood pressure for men (kidding). Still, it is a pure myth and it has no resemblance with the real world. Both sexes are in equal chances to get blood pressure.

After reading this article I hope your Myths are broken. I welcome you to the real world. So get some brains out of this and be precocious from now on and change your lifestyle even a little bit. Remember, someone once said that the precaution is better than cure.

Consult a doctor now…


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