The Best Hair Care Routine for Smooth Hair

Having great hair and skin are considered a thing of beauty, however attaining this can require a little care from your side. Incorporating a hair care routine is just like embarking on a skincare routine, once you’ve found which one suits you, you’ll rarely deviate from it.

Your hair care routine will depend on multiple factors like your hair styling and hair type. Hair types are either fine, coarse or thick, they can be further categorized in the following 4  sub-categories: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Kinky Hair.

Each of these hair categories has its upsides or downsides. For example, straight hair feels oily quicker as the oil trickles down the hair shaft faster than in curly hair. Figuring out your hair type is essential to formulating a good hair care routine as different products like shampoos and conditioners will react differently to different products.

There is a common myth that hair needs to be washed daily, most people need to shampoo their hair every other day or a few times during the week. The frequency of hair wash depends on multiple factors. After a lot of rigorous research, these are the recommended hair wash frequencies.

Hair Wash/Cleansing

As dry hair are already low on keratin they are recommended that they should be washed only 2 times a week with a keratin hair treatment shampoo. If you think you’ve got oily hair, it is recommended that you should wash your hair daily with an oily hair treatment shampoo, If you’ve got normal hair you gotta wash only once in 3 days.

NOTE: You must avoid washing your hair with hot water as hot water bleeds out the natural protective oils of our hair.


Conditioners have a lot of benefits, the main one is the enrichment of moisturizers, but other benefits include detangling, frizz reduction, volume boost, and shininess.


The next step which you should do after conditioning your hair is sealing the moisturizers. This can be done with the help of hair oil or hair serum, this part is essential as using a hair serum protects your hair against pollutants and UV rays.


Combing your hair is one of the most crucial steps to which people often don’t pay attention to, using a good hairbrush/comb is extremely important for maintaining good hair. 

Hair Treatment
Hair treatment is basically picking out the problem areas/sparse hair areas from your scalp. These high potency products provide a heavy dose of nourishment to that particular area. For example, if you have sparse hair in a particular area you’ll have to use a 
hair solution.

It is quite essential to follow a hair care regime to prevent undesirable hair-loss, hair thinning, etc. If a hair care routine is followed without fail, you can get shiny, voluminous hair. Both men’s hair and women’s hair are equally susceptible to damage so it is highly recommended that you think of your hair care regime through and through before executing it.

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