Beauty Has No Skin Tone, Something We Have To Understand

Dark is ugly. Yes, read it right. “DARK IS UGLY”. Not the shade of the color, but the dark side of the society, where it is believed and accepted that dark is ugly. Educated people are writing Advertisements portraying dark as ugly and fair as beautiful, and on the other hand people are portraying it too. These are the same commercials which claims to get you a job or win a competition or even fly to the sky if you use the fairness cream. On the other hand, the girl with the dark complexion is portrayed negatively because of her complexion. She is rejected a job, couldn’t fulfill her dreams, rejected by her life partner, Why? Because she is dark skinned. 

Can you feel the hypocrisy? 

At the first place this is hurting the sentiments of people. The results of these products are over exaggerated, and this gives false hopes.  Fairness Cream Ads just cannot show dark as unattractive, the advertisements are written is such a way, it breaks the confidence and self-esteem of dark-skinned people. It’s just not the commercials, people also stereotype the dark skinned , and big brands should take a responsibility to kill that stereotype because they have a huge reach, and they can kill it  with their trends and commercials because there are a huge number of people who follow these commercials. But instead of doing this, our so called “big brands” stereotype the dark-skinned people on a larger scale, breaking all the self-esteem and self-confidence of people. When an international brand shows you as a loser in life because you are dark skinned, imagine the mental state of the person. It is not at all a small issue. It is an issue which can break down a person completely, and this must not be acceptable. 

We are not against any brand promoting their products, of course promotions and advertisements are required. Promote the product, but not by hurting feelings and sentiments. 

No. We don’t belong there, we just wanted to give a reality check. Of course, we sell , skin lightening, skin brightening products, but the thing which makes us different is, we believe that “Beauty has no skin tone” and it comes from within. We don’t portray any skin color negatively. We believe everyone is beautiful in their own ways. We are not forcing misleading or imposing anyone to use our beauty products. This is what makes us different. For us health comes first and beauty next, no matter what skin color you are in, it is all okay if you’re comfortable in your skin. To be white or not is a person’s individual choice and very personal choice, no one can impose them about it, and mainly can’t put down a person based on his skin color just to promote products. 

Say no to Discriminative and “Racist” advertisements  

Be comfortable in your skin, don’t let the advertisements break your self-esteem, be confident the way you are. 

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy. 

Searching for light he had left to capture sun in a gunny bag what's reality and what's illusion he knows, the one who created the simulation.

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