Be careful in choosing DIAPERS….!

Diaper becomes an essential part of our life when a baby is born. As a mother most of you will face a biggest dilemma in choosing the right diapers for your baby. It is not very easy to find the diapers just by looking at the cover because wearing diapers for long hours can cause skin rashes and skin irritation. To counter such instances there are few remedies that might be helpful.

As baby’s skin is very delicate it is always better to use specially formulated anti-bacterial lotion/powder and use cotton washable diapers for a specific period. Now a day’s companies have started coming up with air gap diapers that will help to keep the baby’s bottom dry and fresh. There are skin friendly diapers that are soft on the skin which makes the baby to feel comfy.

Specially designed overnight diapers have extra absorption which in turn will help the baby get full night sleep without any disturbance. During the day instead of using a big diaper we can use a cotton diaper that is very light and convenient for the baby.

  • Whenever there is a need to change a diaper, gently clean the baby’s skins with very soft tissue or cotton or baby wipes and apply baby powder or lotion.
  • Usage of coconut oil or petroleum gel content is generally preferred as they are more organic and safer on the baby’s skin.
  • Each diaper must be changed within 3-4 hours (depending on usage) or immediately after heavily soiled to prevent bacterial infections.
  • It is always better to give a break possibly for a few minutes before using another diaper so that the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable throughout.
  • Use washable diapers at home and disposable diapers outdoor.

Diapers are to be selected according to the baby’s size and weight. Usage of proper suitable diapers will avoid unnecessary discomfort to the baby.

The above mentioned points need to be kept in mind while purchase or usage of diapers. This will ensure a safe, clean and rash free diapering for baby.


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