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As Indian’s we live to eat. Our celebrations and sadness also involve food. An average 25 year old IT guy eats atleast 4 Meals in a week at a Restaurant or a Road Side Vendor, pushing his body to work three times faster to process the sinful tastes of life.

There is nothing wrong with loving food. Taste has always been a part of happy times and for food lovers, the mere sight of a beautifully plated meal is enough to make their day. The problem lies with what we go through after eating a heavy meal of spicy, fried meal. You may also raise your hands if you have a pack of antacid with you all the time.


Have you faced burps, stomach infections, constipation and bad breath for most of the times? This can be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle and odd eating hours. While antacids can give you temporary relief, eating healthy food at the right time, for your stomach to heal itself is equally important.

Talking about giving your stomach time to recover itself, aloe vera is an amazing natural product that can heal the insides of your stomach and keep infections and other issues at bay.

How is our digestive tract affected every day?

Every time you eat food, it is broken down by bacteria inside our digestive tract and nutrients enter the blood stream to be transported to various parts of the body. The unwanted residues are then cleared off the body through the intestines. Due to the high levels of chemicals, pesticides, oils and spice, there is an abnormally large amount of toxins that enter the digestive tract causing discomforts. The amount of residual food that is stored in the tract also increases the chance of infections. This condition is commonly known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Aloe vera for stomach infections

Why Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera in general is one of nature’s best gifts to mankind. It works wonders to almost all parts of the body including skin, digestive tract, eyes and more. A succulent variety of plant that is cultivated all over the planet. The sticky liquid that is present inside the tissues of the leaf is considered to be of medicinal and dietary values.

Research has shown that amongst plants, Aloe vera is the closest to contain life like substances similar to human body. When consumed in the right amount, this will help soothe the tract, clean it up and reduce the impact of the leftover food residues. It is proven to reduce and cure:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Constipation
  3. Bloated stomach
  4. Stomach infections
  5. Irregular bowel movements
  6. General discomfort

Can I directly consume aloe vera from its plant form?
Yes, but it is advisable to consume the right amount of aloe vera in a day.

How safe is Aloe Vera in the form of Juices/Gels?
There are quite a few pure aloe vera juices and gels available that are safe to be taken every day. Krishna’s Aloe Vera Juice is one such brand available on A herbal and ayurvedic entity, it is processed from pure, fresh & chemical free aloe vera leaves.

Aloe vera for stomach infections

Nature has a cure for every one of our health conditions.

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