Why do I still have acne?

acne in adults

Acne As Adults

Acne is prevalent amongst teenagers who have aggressive changes in their hormones during the age of 13-18
However, this acne among the Adults is not inevitable.

Adult Acne can be frustrating specially for those who did not have teenage pimples.
Acne Rosacea: a type of persistent acne  is most common among the age group of 21-31. A progressive form of Acne Rosacea may lead to rhinophyma; leading to enlargement of the nose with redness and nodules.

How to keep your Skin Healthy and avoid Acne?

Often, a medical condition is the main reason, which when resolved heals the acne problems.
However, you must undertake these small steps to avoid pimples or its growth:

1) Use Face Wash
Use a face wash instead of a Soap. Soaps are harsh on sensitive skin as that of your face.
A face wash has the right balance of pH which is suitable for your skin.

Remember to moisturize your skin after every wash.

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2) Use of Cleansing Bar
If you think face wash is not for you, there are alternatives to it. Use of Cleansing Bars with mild ingredients for your face keep the skins glow intact while cleansing your skin seep from within the pores.

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Buy Dermadew Acne Soap for individuals with Acne.

3) Use of Skin Care Oil
Use of cosmetics too lead to problems of skin. Use a natural skin care oil which lowers the ill effects of cosmetics on your face.

Buy skin care oil here. If you think oil is not for you then, you may try alternative products like face gels. Buy Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

4) Avoid Direct Sun Contact
Avoid direct sun contact for long duration which may lead to accumulation of dust and aggravation of the itching.

5) Remove make up before Sleep
Never go to bed without cleaning up your make-up. Long hours of make-up has ill-effects on the skin of your face.

6) Drink loads of Water
Drink as much water as you can. It helps in clearing the toxins out of your body. Staying hydrated helps in keeping your skin healthy.

7) Eat Healthy
Make sure your daily diet includes all the essential Vitamins & Minerals.
If you skip out on your routine diets very frequently, try to replicate your Vitamins with Supplements.

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8) Stay away from Problem Creating Food
Stay away from food with excessive oil, fatty acids & artificial flavors. Too much of oily food tends to block the pores of your skin. If the pores get blocked, the skin is unable to breathe leading to aggravation of pimples.

9) Exercise daily
Exercising helps you sweat; sweating in turn helps you release the body toxins and bring the skin back to the original glow.

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10) Exfoliate once a week
Exfoliating removes the dead skin of your face, bringing the natural complexion of the skin back. Do not over exfoliate; once a week is just what your skin requires.

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If your skin does not show signs of improvement, you better consult a Dermatologist.

Never Avoid Acne & Its Related Problems

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