An Added Protection Layer

Coronavirus most often infects us through the hands, mouth, and nasal area. This means that there may have been infected stray droplets that we have come in contact with. This level of contact very easily gets swept up into our systems and causes havoc. The entry is not too different from the common cold but we know how different it is in terms of it’s effects.

In the upper respiratory tract, mucous membranes covered with secreted mucous provide an innate barrier to infection. Reinforcing this barrier may be a favourable strategy.

It took a while for scientists to fully gauge how COVID-19 spreads. For years, scientists had been studying a way eradicate the common cold or at least reduce the down time associated with it. To take all the learnings from this research and apply it to a product that could inhibit the spread of COVID-19 could be great.

Step-in, Viroshield – A throat spray-based oral spray. The modus operandi is simple. 2 pumps of the spray at a time, straight to the inside of the throat. Once every other hour and a maximum of 6 times a day. A maximum of 30 days consecutively.

This spray coats the inside of the throat with a protective layer of enzymes that block or prevent 99% Viral load from seeping into the system. This ensures that the person using Viroshield in the proper manner is fairly protected against throat infections.

However, this does not give us the liberty to walk around without protection and consideration for our fellow humans.

Viroshield has gone through numerous clinical trials and has performed very well.

When you look up the product online, you see front line workers and doctors alike who are now using Viroshield in order to have an added layer of protection for themselves.

They put themselves in a position of great risk for you and me. If they can trust the product wholeheartedly then I do believe it is good enough for anyone.

Vaccinations are being delivered in record numbers. The fact that the danger remains also indicates to us that we must exercise the same safety precautions we got used to over the last year. Clean hands, no unwarranted touching of the face, nose or mouth, face masks, gloves, face shields and social distancing. Since no one solution will be a sure-fire way to protect ourselves, we would continue with all the above measures.

Many have lost their lives because of comorbidity, old age, pre-existing conditions and most importantly the virus itself. It goes without saying that as much as we want our freedom to roam about freely, we must sacrifice a little in the present. Complacency has caused unspeakable horrors to a lot of families. We are at a point that there aren’t 6 degrees of separation left. At least 1 person who is a direct contact of ours has been affected.

For everyone and our sake, please take all the precautions you can. Spray the stipulated amount of Viroshield and stay safe.

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