Great dreamy look with long and lustrous eyelashes!

Acheiving long and lustrous eyelashes

What is the most striking feature in a human face? The majority would probably say it is the eyes. This is because the eyes have a beautiful role to play when conversing, especially the  non-verbal communication. As they say, the eyes never lie! For a woman, the eyes speak volumes about how beautiful and how attractive she is. This is why cosmetics for eyes are a rage these days!

Today’s topic is going to be about eyelashes! If you are wondering why make a fuss about a couple of hairs, then you still need to learn a lot about looks my friend!  Long and lustrous eyelashes instantly boost the attractiveness of a person.

It is considered feminine and beautiful to have long lashes. Most people also agree that long eye lashes in a woman make her look sexier! Try searching the internet and you will find millions of results for growing long lashes.

achieving long and lustrous eye lashes

What are eye lashes?

Eye lashes are small hairs that grow at the edge of the eye lid. It helps in protecting the eyes from dust and debris and is a very sensitive part. Try touching your eye lashes and notice how your eyes close as a reflex. This is the body’s way of protecting the eyes.

Having thick, long eyelashes was considered beautiful in many cultures and the practice of growing long lashes was prevalent even in the Bronze Age!

How to achieve the dreamy look?

Few women are blessed with thick long lashes! For most others like us, the length and thickness of the lashes varies from person to person. They can be very short, thin or very less in number.

The below few tips can help you achieve that sexy look and have beautiful lashes. let’s start with the permanent solutions and go down to the everyday tips!

Home remedies

When done regularly these tips promise longer and thicker eyelashes!

  1. Olive oil – applying olive oil to the lashes and leaving them over night can help protect and condition the lashes. You can wash them off in the morning
  2. Petroleum jelly (popularly called Vaseline) can also help grow long lashes. Apply a thin layer on the lashes before going to sleep and wash off the next day morning
  3. Do not rub your eyes hard and always remove eye makeup before going to sleep

Eyelash Serums

These are permanent solutions to growing long, lustrous eyelashes. These liquids when applied regularly on lashes help enhance length and thickness. Renocia-EL Liquid is one such serum that helps achieve beautiful eyelashes. It improves the appearance of the natural lashes and promotes re-growth of lost lashes.

achieving long and lustrous eyelashes

It is suitable for people of all age groups. The product comes with an applicator that is easy to hold and handle. Only very little quantity of the product needs to be used at one time and so the product lasts long!

It is suggested that these serums are to be used at night before sleeping so that there is almost 7-8 hours of time for it to work on the lashes.


Curlers can help curl your eye lashes to give a dramatic look. It lifts the lashes and opens up the eyes. Though curlers help get beautiful lashes, it is not a permanent solution either and too much curling can harm to lashes and cause breakage. Do not do it every day!

Acheiving long and lustrous eyelashes

False lashes

There are extra attachments that are placed on top of the eyelids. They merge together with our natural lashes, giving volume and length.

Acheiving long and lustrous eyelashes


These are temporary cosmetics that when applied on the lashes, make them look thicker, darker and lustrous. There are several brands of mascaras available and you can pick the one that works best for you. Most Mascaras come with a unique brush that reaches even the shortest of hair lashes and is completely waterproof and light on the eyes.

Try these out. You will start falling in love with your eyes! Take care until the next blog!


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