5 Must haves for the women on the go!

5 must have's in your bag

According to me all women like to look good. They love being beautiful and that is why there is such a big cosmetic market out there. Do not judge me now! Beauty means different to different people. Few might love dressing up and trying out different styles and arrive with a bang! Few prefer being subtle and elegant when it comes to looks. Either way, we dress up to impress our self and people important to us.

The problem is that we are on the move constantly. Juggling between work and friends and family and vacations and relationships, there is always too much to do and very less time to spend on looks.

5 must have's in your bag

I have put together a list of items that you can easily carry in your handbags and will be saviors when time is a constraint. This is ‘my’ comprehensive list. You can add or delete items based on your requirement. Read on!

1.Face wash

A must have in your list. It is easy to carry a small tube of your favorite face wash with you anywhere. There are really small ones that even fit in a medium sized wallet. Dust is our neighbor. Thanks to all the pollution around, end of day, we always end up looking like we just came out after rolling in mud.

Washing your face in the middle of a long tiring day not only keeps your skin clean and healthy, it also refreshes you. There are specific products for various skin type and you can choose the right one. Olay white radiance purifying foaming cleanser, Garnier pure active, Himalaya purifying face wash are all few popular choices you can look into.

5 must have's in your bag5 must have's in your bag5 must have's in your bag


2. Moisturizer/Face cream

Based on what you prefer, you can use a good moisturizer/day cream that suits you and keeps the skin hydrated and fresh. Most day creams come with moisturizing effects and evens out skin tone, giving a grease free look that is bright and radiant. They are also very light on the skin and do not make you look overly made up. Compare popular face cream and moisturizer brands from clickoncare.com and pick your choice.

5 must have's in your bag       5 must have's

3. Kajal

This is one product I personally cannot live without. I might be exaggerating, but I feel totally lost without a kajal pencil in my bag! I have tried most brands that are available and my personal favorite till now has been colossal kajal from Maybelline, Lakme eyeconic kajal and Himalaya herbal kajal. You can carry one and reapply whenever needed. I totally love the intense black shade of colossal specifically.

5 must have's5 must have's

4. Sun screen

Never step out of your home without a sunscreen in your bag. Mr. Sun treats you very badly at times and it is always good to be prepared. One day of running around in sun will make you sit and worry for days about the tan! Too much exposure to UV radiations also gives allergies and skin pigmentation to a few. Based on how sensitive your skin is to the sun, you can buy sun screens with very less SPF (sun protection factor) or use those with very high protection levels. Strea UVEblock 50 offers very strong protection from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 50. Similarly Lotus herbals safe sun extreme sun block cream and Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sun block offers a SPF level of 60 for people with very sensitive skin.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Extreme Sun Block Cream SPF-605 must have's

5. Lip balm

Another personal favorite, lip balms hydrate the lips, prevent cracking, leave it soft and supple and come in really interesting flavors and taste! Most balms contain natural ingredients that protect lips and leave it feeling soft and naturally beautiful. Lip balms are a boon especially during winter and in cold places where lips have a tendency to crack causing pain and discomfort. To add on, if you are not a lipstick/lip gloss person, lip balms are a very subtle way of enhancing those beautiful lips of yours.

5 must have's              5 must have's

Check out a lot of brands of top class lip balms at clickoncare.com. You can also get great discounts here!

Phew. I have come to the end of the list! Multitasking is our way of life!  Looking beautiful is our birth right!!

Stay beautiful on the go!


Janani Balasubramanian is a Senior Blogger at ClickOnCare.com with a passion and flare to write. She loves experimenting on topics ranging from health to beauty tips and general lifestyle and will review newer beauty and healthcare products in the market! Do keep in touch with her new work here!

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