15 Gym etiquettes you need to keep in mind !

gym etiquettes

 Do you hit the gym regularly or have plans to do so in the near future? Then this article is for you!

Taking a vow to stay healthy and exercising regularly is something that very few can keep up in a long run. Kudos to you on that! Most try joining a gym and drop out in a couple of months or very comfortably keep themselves away from that area! 

We know there are proper etiquettes behavior wise and in physical appearance to be followed in an office space or in a posh restaurant. But did you know how important it is to have the right behavior while in a gym or a health club?

Know what’s right and wrong in a place like a gym.

  1. Never use your everyday / street wear shoes to work out in a gym. You never know what you step on in the street and it is very bad to leave dirt all around the gym area. Always carry a clean pair of shoes that you use only in the gym.

gym etiquettes

2.Please, oh please wear clean, washed socks. A lot of times, you never realize how bad your sock stinks. Everyone around you can smell it though ! If the gym is air-conditioned then god save those around you!!

gym etiquettes

3.Carry a deodorant in your backpack. Even though it is not your mistake, you do smell bad after an hour of strenuous workout. It is safe to carry one and use it after the end of each workout.

4.Do not store up your dirty smelly cloths, towels, socks etc. in the locker for days! They are not prized possessions. Remember your school time proverb. Cleanliness is next to godliness!!

5.All equipments have a time limit set for usage and all gym patrons are busy with a hectic schedule at work just like you. Be patient for your turn and when it comes, do not exceed the time limit set. There are people behind you waiting for their turn.

gym etiquettes

6.Handle gym property with care. They are not yours to hit when in anger, drop carelessly or damage when not in mood.

7.Trainers usually handle more than one person at a time. Do not keep running behind a trainer, not letting him/her do his/her work. Do not interrupt when a trainer is talking to another person. Again, be patient.

8. It is good to have a good rapport with your trainer, but make sure you don’t get very personal with the conversation. Do not turn a workout session into a chit chat gossip time!

9. You might have a hot body, but most of us don’t fancy watching you strut around naked.

gym etiquettes

10.Do not run around trying out all equipments and talking to people around. You spend loads of money to work out. So do not waste time. Follow the schedule given to you.

11.Most gyms/health clubs ask you to avoid talking in a cell phone during your session. Please turn off your phone while working out. The world’s not going to fall to pieces if you are not available on phone for an hour.

gym etiquettes

12.Do not throw your used towels/clothes in all places and leave. Your mother/wife is not around to pick them up.

gym etiquettes

13.Stick to your time schedule. Do not walk in at any time you wish and expect your trainer to be around

14.Never throw free advice around! You might know everything that’s to do with exercising and health, but unless asked for, keep mum. Remember, there are people who are paid to do this at the gym

15. Lastly, if you are prone to  sweating a lot, do carry a small towel with you during workout. Do not sweat on equipments and leave behind sweat marks on handles/chairs/ benches. That is very very inappropriate!

gym etiquettes

Have a great time working out! Shed those extra calories and that bad behaviour.

Take care.


Janani Balasubramanian is a Senior Blogger at ClickOnCare.com with a passion and flare to write. She loves experimenting on topics ranging from health to beauty tips and general lifestyle and will review newer beauty and healthcare products in the market! Do keep in touch with her new work here!

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