12 Secret’s to a Healthy Heart

Image12 Secrets to a Healthy Heart

OATS: Oats are rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium and helps lower cholesterol levels and keep arteries clear.

SALADS and OLIVE OIL: A good substitute for oily food which will keep the heart happy!

WHOLE GRAIN: Starting the day with whole-grain cereal lowers the risk of heart failure in the long run, as whole grains protect against coronary heart disease.

RED WINE: Antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols helps protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart.

BERRIES: They are loaded with Vitamin C, calcium and beta-carotene. The nutrients are enough to keep the heart healthy and going!

ALMONDS: The Vitamin E in almonds helps in keeping the cholesterol level under control.

TOMATOES: Contains lycopene that is known to lower cholesterol, cut risk of colorectal cancer and heart disease.

SOY: The soy protein prevents heart strokes. It is also a great replacement for the red meat.

SALMON: It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and hence prevents the blood from clotting.

APPLES: The phytochemicals present in apples, act as an anti-inflammatory and prevent the blood from clotting.

BROWN RICE: It is a better choice over white as it protects against high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

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